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Successful years of establishment as Cross Outdoors Co., Ltd in Thailand in September 2016, It had been through various stages. Grooving always with the market trends the primary motto of the company is to serve our various clients with service in mind culture. Trying to provide one stop service within perimeter has always been helpful to our clients, whatever is best under current Thailand policy. People traveling miles, searching occasions, educational productivity, entrepreneurship, business startup and helping hands are always happy to receive from us. We always focus ourselves on easing our presence to our valued clients.

Any inquiries will be taken seriously and handled in your team discussion to possible outcome solutions. We always put our 100% effort even though 100% perfection doesn’t exist in the universe. Do not hesitate to send us your feedbacks and inquiries to our email:


Years of successful inbound tours to the Kingdom of Thailand, COD Group is now a licensed outbound travel company, under the Department of Tourism, Thailand. We intended to run our service throughout the globe starting from basic travel to daring adventurous thrills. We do provide medical tourism and travel insurance policies that keep you safe on your journey.

We used to get lots and lots of queries from our valued clients regarding the help to find a good educational institution for their family members, as education in Thailand is affordable and quality. Now COD group has already partnered affiliates to some of the highest rated universities in Thailand.
Everyone dreams of living in comfortable and luxury homes while their budget limits their choices, but here we inspire your living with multiple choices. Finding a single house to a luxury condominium, business location to office spaces, all you need is just a click and take a tour with your comfort.
Everyone likes to chill, give & take reviews of experiences you go through, the best place to get such reviews is a cafe, most people’s first choice with a sip of hot and cold beverages the blogs goes on and on. We invite you to do so in our YuwaCafe forum, you can order our Cold brewed tea “Nep-Cha” and share your thoughts and experiences about our products.

Last but not least, the reminder to check our products as classified