Successful years as inbound tourism, operating various tour inside Kingdom of Thailand, Now Cross Outdoors Co., Ltd. gained its outbound Tourism License this year from Department of Tourism, Thailand with operation ID 11/10625 under the brand name Adventure Rodeo. Further we are coordinating and dedicating ourselves to open our countries branches in different nation around the Globe. In this process Nepal will soon be the first country to do so as our operating partners have already taking the final steps. So new era after the COVID-19 Pandemic, Adventure Rodeo will bring more adventures and excitement from different nations around the Globe, Nepal, Thailand & Turkey are most feature in beginning that will lead us to other nations on additional phases.

Tours – Family trips, group tours, individual tour, honeymoon trips, bachelors tours, medical trip or even shopping trips are tailored according your specifications. Corporate business trips, seminars, international meetings or trainings are proven to our expertise. Special destination events and celebrations are in our hotlist that you can procure about. Never say no to the Thai Foodie tour where world famous Thai cousin waits only for you to swallow in.

Adventure – Bicycle adventure a hotlist on our tour already been experience success pushing us organizing self-driven Motorbikes and Cars adventure to add. Daring adventure in narrow roads at hills and mountains of Nepal all the way down too wide smooth road of Thailand will always bring thrill and excitement to visuals and portrait. This will create unforgettable memory to hang on. (Please query about details before taking adventure rides).

Accommodations – Accommodations the key factor for every trips, must feel like home away home, we made peculiar selections of hotel accommodations on personal recommendations. Budget rooms, luxury living or high rise suites you can always count your budget first. Internationally classified 3 stars an above hotels and luxury apartment will be present with the ease of transportations around.

Transportation – A journey always start with transportation system, step outside home you need transportation that takes you to destination. Adventure Rodeo is partnered with most of the transport service providers. Bicycle – land transport system – rail transport system – water transport or call it air transportations you will always find convenient to book it. We are here to serve you no matter what you ride-on.